about me

Hello! I’m Casey (duh). I grew up in central Massachusetts, and have always loved upstate New York, as all my family is from Buffalo and I loved going to college at Syracuse University.

In some ways, personally, I’m full of dichotomies: a bit emo and a bit basic. A bit loud but a bit quiet. A bit sensitive but somewhat tough. A bit spacey but quite organized. That’s where my brand, Goth Good Art comes from.

You can learn more about me professionally at the “storytelling” page of my website. The story of my art is in the “all the arts” page. You can learn about me as a human here!

Favorite books besides Harry Potter: The Lord of the Rings, anything David Sedaris, Anna Karenina, The Catcher in the Rye

Currently playing (games): The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Currently playing (artists): Courtney Barnett, Ratboys, Jank, Kurt Vile, Queen

Favorite social platform: Reddit 100%

If I could have dinner with a famous person: This answer changes, but right now I’d say Queen Elizabeth II

Best TV genres: Reality competitions from the 2000s, I am partial to the CBS lineup and culinary shows